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Blue Tail Technology’s “Give 20 Get 20” Referral  Program kicks off today!

We are on the hunt for new customers and we’d like your help.  If you tell someone about Blue Tail Technology and they come by the shop and get their computer serviced (or purchase any service) we will give them 20% off their first visit.  Now here’s the great part:  When they tell us that YOU sent them, we will credit your account with 20% off your next visit!  Pretty great, huh?  We think so too.  And it doesn’t end there – Send another new customer our way and yup, your discount adds on – we’ll knock 40% off your next service!  There is no limit.  As long as the person or business you refer to us hasn’t had us do any work in the past year, they qualify for the program.

“But Alex, what if my computer is running well and I don’t need to have it serviced?”  No problem, you can either bank the discount or cash it out at $10 per referral.  Just drop an email to Info@BlueTailTech.com and ask to cash out your referrals.