Comprehensive Services for Residential and Small Business Customers

At Blue Tail we try to be you one stop technology solution for the Chaffee River Valley. Based in Buena Vista Colorado to Salida and Leadville we service the Arkansas River Valley. Providing COMPUTER SERVICES, NETWORKING SERVICES, SITE INTERNET SOLUTIONS, HOME WIRE AND AUTOMATION SERVICES, WEBCAM SURVELLANCE SERVICES, WEBSITE AND MARKETING SERVICES.

Our Services

Mac/PC Repair & Installation

Any issue with software or hardware, Blue Tail can help. With 20+ years in the industry, we’ve seen it all – from the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, to coffee spills and hacker takeovers. We will get you back up and running in no time.

Case studies on MAC and PC repair vary a little. Both PC and MAC can start running slow, and we offer strong cleanup solutions for this case scenario. Combine a system cleanup with an OS upgrade and a Hard Drive Hardware upgrade to SSD and you can take a very slow older PC or MAC system and give it new life. Loading and configuring software is complex for you but we can navigate you through all the custom settings. Security is a big concern and we can help you get protected and backed up.

Hardware problems are often an issue, broken screens, worn out or defective keyboards, Hard drive issues or hang-ups, we help you navigate with good advice. In some cases we may advise to migrate to new hardware and help you avoid wasting money on legacy repairs when newer is a better solution.

Consulting & Tech Support

Sometimes you’re not quite sure what’s gone wrong or maybe there's a better way to get this done. Let Blue Tail help you think it through. The solution might be simpler than you imagine!

Computer Consulting and Tech support.  Sometimes you just need to talk to a knowledgeable professional Computer Engineer.  Computers and systems are everywhere today.  Your Phone, Your Website Interaction, Your Computer, every aspect of life now requires computer technology to function.  Providing knowledgeable computer support requires deep knowledge and understanding of more than just your computer.  We can provide the best solutions for your internet needs in the Chaffee County River Valley.  We can provide solid computer support and repair consulting.  We can provide Website, Hosting, Domain, Secure Certificates and Web Development consulting, including Marketing advice. 

Virus & Malware

We can get your system disinfected and running like new! After we dig out and eradicate the infection, we stock state-of-the-art Security Software to keep you protected safe and secure.

Virus and Malware infection on your computer has evolved over the years and the threat and process has changed.  In the old days VIRUS removal was a mainstay of computer support.   MAC or PC, both can be infected, although MAC had its own sandbox that provided a extra layer of security the PCs did not have.  Over the years and the removal of some browser security issues the PC has become more VIRUS secure.  Malware and Virus infections are still there.  Direct contact with the user through EMAIL, TEXT, MESSAGING is the most common attack in modern times.  Scammers interact directly with the user and “Conning” the user is a method used more in current times.  A con of individuals representing themselves as American companies is a common practice.  We are Google or Microsoft they will say.  We all install software by mistake unless we are on top of our systems.  We can provide you with protection, education, identification and advice.  Remember you phone is a TARGET and you want to guard and protect your phone closely. 

System Tune-Up

Sometimes you just need a little refresher. Bring your system by for its annual check-up and you’ll be glad you did!

System Tune ups are a regular maintenance event for both MAC and PC.  Is your system taking a long time to load and respond?  Is your browser web surfing slowly to respond?  If things are getting slower over time you are most likely right.  Nothing is more frustrating than a slow responding system.  Let us give you some peace and make your system run like when you first loved it.

Accessory Sales

Blue Tail stocks a wide variety of parts and peripherals including wireless keyboards, routers, switches, cabling and much more. If we don’t have it, we can get it for you fast!

Choosing the right parts and installing them is going to require some skills.  Printers, Peripherals, Smart TVs, Tablets, Phone are just some of the Accessory Devices we deal with.  Each device is a computer and from the Purchase state to the Installation and Configuration will require a knowledgeable computer guy to make the right choices.  We have a lot of experience with new technology and integrating it into your personal network.  Let us help you

PC Sales - Dell Reseller

As a Dell Authorized Reseller, we can help you select the right machine for your needs and your budget. Our pricing is very competitive and our service is second to none.

Desktop or Laptop, we can get you into the best system for you or your business.  You may need one you may need an office full of systems.  We can help you locate the best system on the market and configure that system when it is yours.  We can have a custom system built for you through Dell or have a custom system configured open architecture and build it from scratch.  If it is a laptop we can navigate through many manufactures, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, ACER, LENOVO, ThinkPad, Surface, HP and any laptop on the open market.  The open market changes daily so when you are ready to pull the trigger we will advise you on what is available.

Mac Reseller

Shopping for a new MacBook Pro or iMac? We can get you what you need, transfer your data and get you up and running quick!

MAC systems, Laptops, Desktops, and MAC devices we can help you locate the right equipment for you.  Again the market changes quickly and we can advise you on the right choice for the time and your budget.  Come talk to us about locating the right MAC system for you.

Our Rates

Drop Off/

Remote Support
$ 120
  • Per Hour

In-Home Or

Business Support
$ 130
  • Per Hour

Our Clients Say

“I took my computer to the Bluetail guys for a diagnostic and repair, and now my computer works more smoothly than ever. Super thankful for their service! John and Steve are very skilled and professional.”

Donna Torres, Client

“Bluetail guys did a great job in setting up our office network and completing other tasks we needed. They were very fast and pleasant to work with. Everything is now running smoothly thanks to them.”

Patrick Hughes, Client